Canon PIXMA TR150 Manual (Getting Started Guide)

If you want to print on the go. A compact mobile printer that realizes high-speed printing. Approximately 9 sheets of A4 monochrome paper can be printed per minute “High-speed printing” Up to 50 sheets of plain paper can be fed “Large-capacity feeding” Data can be saved directly in the main unit and printed “Standard document print”. Compact mobile printer for printers when going out or business, The Canon PIXMA TR150 is a mobile printer that you can print freely at home or on the go. It has a wide variety of uses, and it is one unit that solves everyone’s worries! Equipped with 5 color ink tanks of 4 colors of dye ink that is strong against photographs and pigment ink that is strong against letters. Even if you do not use light ink (photo ink), you can finish the photo without feeling graininess. Color printing has achieved rich expressiveness and color stability. In monochrome printing, the graininess of the gradation part is reduced, enabling full-scale monochrome printing. In addition, by adopting the character black (pigment), even small characters do not smudge clearly and the ruled lines are also sharpened. It has a smart design that matches a variety of usage situations, such as carrying it in the back and carrying it, storing it on the desk and taking it out each time, or installing it in a space-saving manner. Canon PIXMA TR150 Supports Wi-Fi, wireless direct connection, and smartphone print, making it easy to print on the go. If you point to the print from your smartphone or computer, the power of the main unit will be turned on automatically with high-speed communication at 5 GHz. Up to 5 standard document data can be saved in the printer. You can print directly from the machine when you need sales tools or forms when visiting a customer, or when you have a meeting in a place where the communication environment is not prepared. The compact size does not compromise the performance of the printer. It is a safe basic performance that you can use the printing speed and the amount of paper feed anywhere without stress. You can check the remaining battery level with the battery alone, so you can prevent sudden power failures. It can also be charged from the USB cable when the power is turned off or when the LCD is not lit. It can be charged from mobile batteries, laptops, car sockets, etc. for a clearer guide, read the Canon PIXMA TR150 manual to use all printer’s features.

Download Canon PIXMA TR150 Manual for Mac and Windows

Canon PIXMA TR150 Manual PDF

How to download the Canon PIXMA TR150 Manuals, User Guide and Getting Started Manual

Here is the guide to download the manuals in PDF for Windows and macOS. Go to the download section to download the manual directly.

Download Instructions for Canon PIXMA TR150 Manual (Windows and macOS)

  1. Click the Download link, select Save, specify Save As, and then click the Save button to download the file.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file (Usually in PDF).
  3. Read the Manuals.

After you understand how to download and open the manuals, please download the Canon PIXMA TR150 manual at your disposal at the following link.

Download Canon PIXMA TR150 User Manual and Getting Started Guide

Download PIXMA TR150 series Getting Started guide

This user manual describes tutorials such as how to use the PIXMA TR150 driver and application software for the printer. The Getting Started guide files are a PDF that contains instructions on how to get started manual for the PIXMA TR150 series.

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