Canon PIXMA TS302 Manual (TS300 Series)

Canon PIXMA TS302 Manuals, User Guide, and Getting Started
Canon PIXMA TS302 as a single-function printer, you can easily implement the copy function with only a smartphone or tablet device, and you can do more with less. Not only that, the new Ariprint and Morpira connection methods bring you a convenient wireless printing experience between mobile devices. The printer uses a new panel material to enhance the product texture. With the Canon 4-color FINE integrated ink cartridge, the document picture prints more clearly and sharply. Canon PIXMA TS302 supports wireless printing function. Just open the Canon APP (Canon Inkjet / SELPHY mobile printing) with a smart device to shoot the document, and then automatically correct the document to easily implement the copy function. The copied document is larger and clearer, easy to view, allowing you to get more Excellent printing experience. Wi-Fi wireless printing is connected to a Wi-Fi wireless LAN through a wireless router so that computers or smart devices in the local area network can be used to achieve wireless printing. Whether it is photo printing or document printing, you can get rid of the cumbersome USB or Ethernet connection, Printing is freer. With this mobile printing software, the smart device in your hand can not only print, copy, scan photos or documents wirelessly, Android phones can also implement rich functions such as web page printing, and at the same time enjoy the rich print materials and templates in the cloud, printing is a more exciting life. Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY can also be used to query printer cartridges and other practical functions. Canon PIXMA TS302 supports the Bluetooth connection function. After the printer and smart device are connected via Bluetooth, auxiliary functions such as printer error display can be realized in Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY. Canon’s image recognition technology is embedded in the photo management and printing software, making it easier and faster for you to manage large amounts of photo data. The intelligent recommendation function automatically creates rich and interesting photo layouts, collages, cards, and calendars for you, and with rich and varied photo printing functions, it inspires your source of inspiration for creating photo works. With Canon PIXMA TS302, Easily edit and print photos through tablet devices or computers, more intimate and interesting photo editing functions, with a variety of exquisite photo templates, new creative filters, multi-user sharing editing functions, let you enjoy the fun of creative photos.

Download Canon PIXMA TS302 Manual for Mac and Windows

Canon PIXMA TS302 Manual PDF

How to download the Canon PIXMA TS302 Manuals, User Guide and Getting Started Manual

Here is the guide to download the manuals in PDF for Windows and Mac. Go to the download section to download the manual directly.

Download Instructions for Canon PIXMA TS302 Manual (Windows)

  1. Click the Download link, select Save, specify Save As, and then click the Save button to download the file.
  2. If you select Run (or open) instead, the save file will automatically be installed after it has been saved.
  3. The downloaded file will be saved in the location specified in the self-extracting format.
  4. Double-click the downloaded file to open the Canon PIXMA TS302 Manual window.
  5. Enjoy the Manuals.

Download Instructions for Canon PIXMA TS302 Manual (MacOS)

  1. Check your Macbook settings to see where the files are stored.
  2. Similar to Windows, Click the Download link, select Save, specify Save As, and then click the Save button to download the file.
  3. Double-click the downloaded PIXMA TS302 Manual files.
  4. Enjoy the Manuals.

After you understand how to download and open the manuals, please download the Canon PIXMA TS302 manual at your disposal at the following link.

Download Canon PIXMA TS302 User Manual and Getting Started Guide

Download PIXMA TS300 series User Manual and Getting Started guide

This user manual describes tutorials such as how to use the PIXMA TS302 driver and application software for the printer. The Getting Started guide files are a PDF that contains instructions on how to get started manual for the PIXMA TS302 series.

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