How to fix error code 006 service tool

How to fix error code 006 service tool
Well for those of you who often fix a jammed printer must have experienced. So what is the cause of the error 006? Usually, we find the obstacle when we will run the software resetter. If you already know, it’s good. But those who don’t know, do not afraid, here, I will share my experience. If you intend to repair your own printer that is stuck because of Wahstank_FuLL and the number of your Print is full, you usually use Software. usually, for Canon’s Printers use Service Tools software. This time I will write an article about how to repair a canon printer that was an error when resetting using the resetter software with error code 006. It often happens and we go straight to our sharing topic.

How to fix error code 006 service tool canon printer

error code 006 service tool

I will try to discuss the error code 006 service tool

Have you ever encountered this problem? we usually find the obstacle when we will run the software resetter, especially the service tool for PIXMA iP2700, PIXMA MP230, and printers that use cartridge 810/811.

According to my experience, if when we run the resetter program an error code 006 service tool appears, the solution is that the installed driver must be clear and must be the main driver series. then if the driver is installed, run the resetter program again, just click reload, but before you run the resetter software, the printer must be manually reset first by:

  1. The printer is turned off and the power cable is installed.
  2. Press & hold the resume button then press the power button until the green led lights up. (don’t release the resume button)
  3. Then release the resume button, don’t release the power button.
  4. While the power button is still pressed, press the resume button 6x and hold both. The LED will turn orange green alternately with the last orange flame.
  5. Then release the power button & resume simultaneously. the green led will blink briefly then it will turn on full. the computer will detect new hardware, just ignore it.
  6. If the printer has stopped on the green led, you can immediately run the resetter software again.

Some other solutions that need to be considered if the error code 006 service tool occurs are:

  • Check your cartridges, empty cartridges can cause error code 006 service tool.
  • After you click on “Main”, wait a few minutes. If the error is still here, restart the device.
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the printer. After 10 seconds, reinstall the cable to the printer. On Windows, click next when “New device” appears. run resetter again.

There are several methods to fix error code 006 service tool when resetting canon printer, hope it will be helpful.

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