How to Fix Error 5b01 on Canon Printers

How to fix error 5b01 – A printer is a tool used to print documents. this tool is certainly very vital for those of us who are required to work with documents quickly. At first, the development of the printer did require a space or a large enough space, but in line with the changing times, now the printer can be more compact and the printing speed is even faster. actually many indications that we can see when the printer is an error, for example through the indicator light that flickers in a certain amount. Have you ever experienced it like I experienced, when you want to print data suddenly my Canon printer indicator lights “resume” and “power” indicate an error and can not be used anything, even the cartridge can not move at all? When you experience something like the above, try to check on the PC monitor screen the printer instructions show what error. if you find error 5b01, let’s discuss how to resolve it. Error 5b01 problems with Canon printers we often encounter and can handle it simply by resetting the printer. this time, I want to share how to deal with Canon printers that come out error messages 5B01 or canon printers that indicator lights flicker alternately between the power button and resume 7 times. Before you begin, you should have a resetter for Canon printers. If you don’t have, try downloading the Canon v1074 Resetter which is widely available on the internet to fix 5b01 error or you can download from provided link. To reset Canon printers, the printer must first be in service mode.

Error 5b01

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5B01

Enter Service Mode to fix Error 5b01

  1. The printer is turned off and the power cord attached.
  2. Press the RESUME button for 2 seconds, then press the POWER button until the green light is on (when pressing the POWER button, do not release the RESUME button)
  3. Then release the RESUME button, but don’t release the POWER button.
  4. While the POWER button is still pressed, press the RESUME button 5 times. The LEDs will turn alternately green with the last orange. (Don’t get it wrong 4x because the printer will totally die, but it’s temporary too) Then …
  5. Release the two buttons together.
  6. The led will blink briefly then it will turn GREEN.
  7. The computer will detect a new device, ignore it …
  8. This situation shows the Canon printer is in a SERVICE MODE state and ready for a reset.

After entering service mode, run the Canon Resetter v1074 to fix the 5b01 errors and other main error, follow the steps below:

reset canon printer (5b01)

Resetting steps to fix 5b01 error

  1. Extract Canon Resetter file from .zip archive.
  2. Prepare 2 papers in the printer (this is for printing during the reset process).
  3. run the Resetter program (the process to fix a 5b01 error is exactly like 5b00 error).
  4. Click “PLAY”, the printer will proceed, then the printer will print one page with the words “D = 000.0”
  5. Click “EEPROM Clear”.
  6. Then click “EEPROM”, and the printer will print the results of the Resetter. One of the lines reads as follows: “TPAGE (TTL = 00000)”
  7. Turn off the printer by pressing the POWER button.
  8. Done.

That’s the way to fix Canon Error 5b01. Hopefully, Increase our knowledge about repairing our own printer and help you to fix errors on Canon printers.

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    • the resume button on the canon printer is usually marked with a triangle surrounded by a circle.

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