Canon imagePROGRAF TM-240 Manual (Installation Guide)

A new design with a flat top has been adopted, which allows for easy operation even in tight spaces by using it as a workspace to store roll paper, making the time-consuming task of replacing roll paper easy even in tight spaces. Canon imagePROGRAF TM-240 also has a stylish design that fits well in offices and stores. Using a newly developed image processing engine and magenta ink, it can quickly output brightly coloured prints even on plain paper, meeting a wide range of printing needs such as construction and design drawings, retail and restaurant posters, and school classroom bulletin boards. Equipped with the new image processing engine “L-COA PRO II”, it enables quick startup from sleep mode and high-speed printing of posters and drawings. Canon imagePROGRAF TM-240 is approximately 28% faster than conventional models and can print up to 3.2 drawings per minute. It also supports calibration links using the Device Management Console.

Canon imagePROGRAF TM-240 Manual and Installation Guide

Canon imagePROGRAF TM-240 Manual

Canon imagePROGRAF TM-240 Manual and Installation Guide (Download/PDF)

You have to connect a USB cable from the printer to the connector on the printer package. Then follow the manual instructions on how to install the Canon imagePROGRAF TM-240 printer.

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Canon imagePROGRAF TM-240 Online Windows Manual (PDF).
Filename: TM-35x_340_25x_240_535x_5340_525x_5240_OnlineManual_Win_EN_V02.pdf

Canon imagePROGRAF TM-240 Online macOS Manual (PDF).
Filename: TM-35x_340_25x_240_535x_5340_525x_5240_OnlineManual_Mac_EN_V02.pdf

Canon imagePROGRAF TM-240 Installation Guide.
Filename: TM-355_TM-350_TM-340_TM-255_TM-250_TM-240_IG_U4a_V1.pdf

After downloading the manual for Canon imagePROGRAF TM-240, open your manual with a PDF viewer or browser, then find out how to use your printer properly.

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