Canon MAXIFY MB2320 Manual (User and Getting Started Guide)

Download Canon MAXIFY MB2320 Manual – The Canon MAXIFY MB2320 takes plenty of time until the first finished print-out. Once it has warmed up, it prints quickly one after the other. In doing so, however, it gets quite loud – and the quality is only mediocre. This is hardly noticeable with the occasional printing of text documents, but it is with graphics. If you only want to print photos occasionally, the color print quality is sufficient. Unfortunately, it does not print borderless, but on photo paper is acceptable to good quality, although not smudge-proof. If photos are important to you, you will have to resort to a specific photo printer. The automatic document feeder cannot be used for scanning. This is a hindrance at work and only makes it a good choice for the office if you rarely have to scan anything. The printer has an automatic document feeder, but it is not suitable for double-sided scanning. The general scan quality is still good and users find the duplex function for double-sided printing to be practical. The Canon MAXIFY MB2320 has two paper trays with which you can use two different paper formats at the same time. The size of the main paper compartment is good at 250 sheets and should be sufficient for home use. Typical office documents such as invoices or letters are put on paper with the multifunctional device at enormous speed. a single black and white page was in the output tray after just 2 seconds, and six pages took just 14 seconds. Printing in color is not that fast, but it is still very fast: the all-in-one printer printed a color graphic page in 1:41 minutes, and a photo in the standard 10×15 centimeter format took 56 seconds. Unfortunately, no suitable connector is included for the fax function. Apart from this faux pas, the handling is good. The touchscreen has relatively small controls – nothing for rough hands. The setup is basically simple and intuitive. The Canon MAXIFY MB2320 manual on CD actually helps with problems. However, setting up the fax function causes confusion for some users.

Canon MAXIFY MB2320 Manual (User and Getting Started Guide)

Canon MAXIFY MB2320 Manual

Read Canon MAXIFY MB2320 Manual (User Manual and Getting Started Guide)

Canon MAXIFY MB2320 driver file is required. You also have to connect a USB cable from the printer to the connector on the printer package. Then follow the manual instructions on how to install the Canon MAXIFY MB2320 printer.

Precautions when using a USB connection

  1. Disconnect the USB cable connecting the device and computer before installing the driver. After installing the driver, connect the USB cable.
    Drivers and applications are compressed.
  2. Download the Canon MAXIFY MB2320 driver that is available on the canon support or many sites on the internet. Click [Run] on the file download screen (the file is not saved to disk).
  3. When the User Account Control prompt is displayed, click [Yes], and then click [Execute] on the subsequent security warning screen.
  4. The setup wizard starts. When the setup wizard starts, follow the on-screen instructions to install.

When it is complete, you can see that the printer is ready for use and you can follow the manual, Download the Canon MAXIFY MB2320 manual from the link below.

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Canon MAXIFY MB2320 User Manual and Getting Started Guide

Canon MAXIFY MB2300 series (PDF) User Manual (Windows)

Canon MAXIFY MB2300 series (PDF) User Manual (macOS)

Canon MAXIFY MB2300 series (PDF) Getting Started Guide

After downloading the manual for Canon MAXIFY MB2320, open your manual with pdf viewer or browser, then find how to use your printer properly.

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