Canon RC-IP100 Manual PDF (User Manual)

Download Canon RC-IP100 Manual – With the CR-N500 and CR-N300, the pan and tilt drive can be controlled with high precision in steps of 0.1 ° / second. This allows smooth operation at variable speeds. The versatile PTZ models CR-N500 and CR-N300 are compatible with the Canon RC-IP100 remote control and the Remote Camera Control application via IP as well as selected third-party controllers and can be easily integrated into existing setups. The CR-X500 also enables the controller to be connected via a serial interface. This remote control can also control up to 100 PTZ cameras at the same time. It provides improved control over a number of settings, such as focus, white balance, and exposure time. It also has a multi-function joystick and a professional zoom rocker for gradually moving the camera and smoothly transitioning between wide-angle and telephoto zoom. This multi-purpose control simplifies operation and ensures professional and high-quality results. Both the Canon RC-IP100 and the Remote Camera Control Application can be used to call up to 100 preset positions. This also includes the setting of the trace function, in which up to ten camera movements can be learned in order to then execute them as a sequence with just one push of a button. The two new Canon PTZ controllers support every budget and every workflow. The free Remote Camera Control Application is software for computers and mobile devices that can be used to control up to 20 Canon PTZ cameras, of which up to nine can be previewed in the program window. The software control enables fine-tuning of the camera’s image settings via the keyboard, e.g. Iris, white balance, and gain.

Canon RC-IP100 Manual PDF (Instruction Manual).

Canon RC-IP100 Manual

Canon RC-IP100 User Manual (Download/PDF)

Canon RC-IP100 is a camera controller, You have to connect the camera Controller to the required accessories. Then follow the User Manual to help you on how to use the Canon RC-IP100 Controller. please refer to the compatible camera below before using the controller:

Canon RC-IP100 Remote Camera Controller User Manual
Filename: rcip11um-e.pdf
Type: PDF file

After downloading the manual for Canon RC-IP100, open your manual with pdf viewer or browser, then find how to use your controller properly.

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