Canon PIXMA TS5000 Manual

Canon PIXMA TS5000 Printer Manual for Windows and Mac
The Canon PIXMA TS5000 stylish and beautiful appearance, return to the classic box design, saving space for placement. The back-end tray supports different sizes and types of paper, adding square size prints to meet a wider range of printing needs. A simple and optimized interface with an on-demand tilt of the operating panel allows you to experience a quick and easy operation. Canon PIXMA TS5000 also supports a wide range of print applications such as card printing, wireless direct connection, and my Image garden, whether through a computer or a smart device, so you can experience different printing pleasures. Composed of dye CMYK, black BK and pigment Black BK, the 5-color independent double black ink system can be easily achieved: whether it is photo paper or plain paper, color performance is more abundant, the level transition is more natural, weakening the dark particle sense, color reduction more clear and accurate, Meet all kinds of printing needs in daily work. Canon PIXMA TS5000 support back-end pallet feed, paper usage is more intuitive, paper supply smooth is not easy to jam. No need to be in the wireless LAN, just enable the printer’s “Wireless direct connection”, you can realize the printer and smart devices between the point-to-point wireless printing, experience freer mobile office. Canon PIXMA TS5000 supports wireless direct connection, AirPrint, more a variety of ways to connect. Canon PIXMA TS5000 manual could be downloaded from the Download section, the manual is included installation/basic Operation manual, getting started guide, electronic manual, and pdf version manual.

Canon PIXMA TS5000 Manual and Getting Started Guide

Canon PIXMA TS5000 Manual

How to download Canon PIXMA TS5000 manual and User Guide

Here is the following guide to download Canon PIXMA TS5000 Manual PDF file, “.exe” (electronic Guide for Windows) or “.dmg” (Electronic Guide for MAC).

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Canon PIXMA TS5000 manual Download Instructions for Windows

  1. Click the link, select Save, specify Save As, and then click Save File to download.
  2. If you select Run (or open) instead of the save file, it will be automatically installed after it has been downloaded.
  3. The downloaded file is stored in a self-extracting format (in the PDF format or in the .exe format of the electronic Guide) in the location specified.
  4. Double click on the downloaded file to open the Canon PIXMA TS5000 Manual window.

Canon PIXMA TS5000 manual Download Instructions for Mac

  1. Download the file.
  2. Check your MAC settings for the location of the file.
  3. Double-click the downloaded TS5000 Manual file ( .pdf format or the .dmg format in the electronic Guide). Follow the installation manual for the Canon PIXMA TS5000.

Download Canon PIXMA TS5000 Manual for Windows and Mac OS X.

Electronic Manual
PIXMA TS5000 series (EXE) Manual (Windows)
PIXMA TS5000 series (DMG) Manual (Mac)

Getting Started Guide
PIXMA TS5000 series (PDF) Getting Started Guide

User Manual
PIXMA TS5000 series (PDF) User Manual (Windows)
PIXMA TS5000 series (PDF) User Manual (Mac)

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