Canon Service Tool V1074 Resetter Download

Canon Service Tool V1074 Resetter plays an important role and is sought after by many people, especially Canon printer users. This resetter software is quite reliable and can be used for many types of Canon printers.

What is the Canon service tool?

Canon Service Tool is software that has a function to repair various types of errors that occur on Canon printers. Resetter Canon Service tool is compatible with multiple types of Canon printers ranging from the old version to the latest version.

Canon service tool v1074 free Download

How to Install Canon Service Tool Software

The steps are as follows:

  1. The first step, please download the service tool V1074 software, if you have finished downloading the service tool, extract it by right-clicking then my friend selects extract here, and then waits until the extract process is complete.
  2. Open one of the Canon service tool V1074 folders, double-click on service tool v3400.exe, and follow the installation instructions.
  3. Wait until the installation process of the service tool download is complete.
  4. Open and repair your Canon printer! Finished.

How to Use Canon Service Tools V1074

Canon Service Tool V1074

Canon Service Tool V1074

As for the ways that can be done to overcome the service tools, namely.

  1. Unplug the USB cable and then open the Canon Service tool.
  2. After the service tool software is open, reconnect the USB cable properly. then Load A4 or Letter paper.
  3. For your reference in carrying out service activities, print or print the EEPROM information (3) before resetting.
  4. Clear the Ink Counter by selecting MAIN (1), then click SET. After that, the ink absorber counter will be reset, and the value of this direct counter is printed automatically.
  5. Also, set the Destination, please select the Region then click SET.
  6. Print the EEPROM information (3) again after the reset.
  7. Compare the results of the EEPROM information before and after the reset.
  8. If all of this has gone well, close the software resetter service tools V1074 that you have.
  9. Turn off the printer and wait for 10 seconds. Turn the printer back on, when your printer is now ready to use. Finished.

So many articles have discussed Service Tool V1074. Of course, the same as before, the author hopes that every article that has been shared will provide benefits for all of you.

37 comments for “Canon Service Tool V1074 Resetter Download

  1. Sevice tool don’t word. After clic on Main or any other button i receive error code 006.
    My printer is Canon pixma mg5350.

  2. The service tool v1074 doesn’t work with pixma MG2220.
    Using the reset method doesn’t work either .
    On the power panel all there is now is a blinking yellowish light.
    Like so many of these so called fixit sites, they don’t fix it!!

  3. Try to reset printer counter (error 5B02) Did all the cleaning.
    On my canon pixma mg4250 this tool doesn’t work. I recive error code: 006

  4. I downloaded the service tool and extracted it but when you open it you can’t press on any of the tabs o
    as they don’t work. My printer is a Canon MX395. Printer error 5B02

  5. Thank you very much for V1074 — it saved my Pixma MG8120 until either I clean its absorber myself or its print quality begins declining. The MG8120 has been an absolutely perfect printer for the 12 years 1 month 6 days before Canon bricked it, and it would be terrible to replace it only to find out later that the replacement was worse. As well as waste all the expensive ink I had stocked for it.

  6. I have followed the above instructions on the Canon tool kit V1074 resetter as suggested. My printer shows a 0 in the digital screen, and the service tool after printing the EEPROM it gave me a blank paper and when I went to the second selection (MAIN) It gave me an (Error code: 005). What am I supposed to do now?

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