Canon Service Tool V5306 (ST5306) Download for Windows

Canon Service Tool V5306 / ST5306 software is a resetter to overcome Canon printer errors which are generally due to blinking exceeding the standard ink counter (6,000-10,000 sheets) printing, the counting counter is recorded on the Canon mainboard EEPROM chip.

The Canon Service Tool V5306 (ST5306) is the solution to reset the printer so that the counter is 100% full and starts again from 0% like the new as you purchased.

The following are signs that a Canon Printer needs to be reset:

  • In the Canon Status menu, a warning appears
  • Error support code/error number/ ink absorber is almost full.
  • Reset status error: 5B00 – 5B01 – 5B02 – 5B04 – 5B14 – 1701 – 1702 – 1700, etc.
  • Power and ink indicator lights flash alternately continuously.

Precaution before using Canon Service Tool V5306

*Make sure your printer is in safe mode.

Canon Service Tool Version 5.306 (ST5306) Download for Windows

Canon Service Tool V.5306 (ST5306)

Download Canon Service Tool V5306 / ST5306 Resetter

Canon Service Tool V5306 Resetter Download
size: 1.2MB

If you face an error when performing the service tool v5306, read this article on how to solve error 002 and error 006 on service tool V5306.

The series that supported Canon Service Tool V5306 (ST5306)

  • PIXMA G: G1000 series, G2000 series, G3000 series, G4000 series, G1010 series, G2010 series, G3010 series, G4010 series, G5070 series, GM2070 and GM4070 series
  • PIXMA E series: E4270, E480
  • IP and iX series: IP7200, IP110, IP8700, IP2800, iX6840
  • MB2000 series: MB2010, MB2020, MB2040, MB2060 etc
  • All IB series
  • MG-series: MG3100
  • MX390 series, MX470 series, MX490 series
  • TR-series = TR4500, TR8500
  • and more Canon printer series.

For your information, the Service Tool V5306 resetter is not a resetter that Canon created, it is the software from Canon Enthusiast to help the user reset the printer easily.

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