Canon PIXMA TS705 Manual (TS700 Series)

Canon PIXMA TS705 Manuals, User Guide, and Getting Started
Canon PIXMA TS705 is a standard model for A4 that you can print beautiful photos and documents. By adopting a new engine, A4 plain paper with 250 sheets for the front cassette and 100 sheets for the back tray, together with a capacity of 350 sheets can be fed. The back tray is also useful for printing postcards and business cards. We can use without choosing places such as home or office. Print automatically if transferred to accomplished. You can also print documents directly with Canon PIXMA TS705. the installation area has been reduced by 18% compared to the conventional machine, and a compact system has been realized. The printer is equipped with 5 color ink tanks. Employs a five-color hybrid ink of four-color dye ink + one-color pigment that can print documents and photos neatly. It is economical because you can replace only the lost ink because it is an independent ink. Even though Canon PIXMA TS705 is compatible with Wi-Fi, it’s still awkward to turn on the printer in a remote location every time you print. If you point to the print from your smartphone or personal computer, the power of the main unit is automatically turned on. It corresponds also when printing from the cloud. If you have a Wi-Fi router at home, you can print directly from your smartphone / tablet, even if you do not have a Wi-Fi environment. As it is equipped with Wi-Fi standard, direct print by wireless is possible from digital camera corresponding to Wi-Fi as well. You can set up Wi-Fi without operating the Canon PIXMA TS705 printer by simply pressing the touch panel button for 3 seconds. Supports various cloud services such as storage service and SNS. From the main body, of course, the print from the smartphone or tablet using the free application “Canon PRINT Inkjet” is also at your disposal. Make photo printing more fun, connect with people deeper, and use information smarter.

Download Canon PIXMA TS705 Manual for Mac and Windows

Canon PIXMA TS705 Manual PDF

How to download the Canon PIXMA TS705 Manuals, User Guide and Getting Started Manual

Here is the guide to download the manuals in PDF for Windows and Mac. Go to the download section to download the manual directly.

Download Instructions for Canon PIXMA TS705 Manual (Windows)

  1. Click the Download link, select Save, specify Save As, and then click the Save button to download the file.
  2. If you select Run (or open) instead, the save file will automatically be installed after it has been saved.
  3. The downloaded file will be saved in the location specified in the self-extracting format.
  4. Double-click the downloaded file to open the Canon PIXMA TS705 Manual window.
  5. Enjoy the Manuals.

Download Instructions for Canon PIXMA TS705 Manual (MacOS)

  1. Check your Macbook settings to see where the files are stored.
  2. Similar to Windows, Click the Download link, select Save, specify Save As, and then click the Save button to download the file.
  3. Double-click the downloaded PIXMA TS705 Manual files.
  4. Enjoy the Manuals.

After you understand how to download and open the manuals, please download the Canon PIXMA TS705 manual at your disposal at the following link.

Download Canon PIXMA TS705 User Manual and Getting Started Guide

Download PIXMA TS700 series User Manual and Getting Started guide

This user manual describes tutorials such as how to use the PIXMA TS705 driver and application software for the printer. The Getting Started guide files are a PDF that contains instructions on how to get started manual for the PIXMA TS705 series.