Canon CX-G2400 Manual (Getting Started and Operation Guide)

Canon CX-G2400 is introducing a high-definition, high-speed, dedicated printer that is easy to install even in small spaces. A 3-in-1 compact colour inkjet printer that can not only beautifully print paper media such as business cards and shop cards, but also print on high-quality plastic cards such as employee ID cards and certificate cards, IC cards, and sticker paper. A wide range of support is available, from printing on business cards and long paper to dedicated plastic cards and IC cards. The Canon CX-G2400 is compatible with long paper that is easy to use, such as business card paper and stamp cards, as well as dedicated plastic cards and IC cards. Cards that require a high-class feel, such as employee ID cards, qualification certificates, and completion certificate cards, can also be printed with one machine. While a typical inkjet printer prints by moving the print head back and forth from side to side (serial method), in the line method the wide print head is fixed and only the paper moves, making it possible to print at extremely high speeds. You can also print the first page faster with First Print Priority mode.

Canon CX-G2400 Manual (Getting Started Guide and Operation Guide)

Canon CX-G2400 Manual

Canon CX-G2400 Manual, Getting Started Guide and Operation Guide

You have to connect a USB cable from the printer to the connector on the printer package. Then follow the manual instructions on how to install the Canon CX-G2400 printer.

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Canon CX-G2400 User Guide
Filename: cx-g2400-ug-en-020.pdf
Type: PDF

Canon CX-G2400 Basic Operation Guide
Filename: cx-g2400-bg-en-020.pdf
Type: PDF

Canon CX-G2400 Getting Started Guide
Filename: cx-g2400-sg-en-020.pdf
Type: PDF

After downloading the manual for Canon CX-G2400, open your manual with a PDF viewer or directly from the browser, then find out how to use your printer properly.

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