Canon imageFORMULA P-208II Manual (User Guide)

The Practical for scanning pictures, contracts and the associated documents. The scanner is not a burden. It weighs only 600 grams and its footprint is barely wider than a school ruler. It gets its power via USB. So you can easily work anywhere, whether at home or on the go. The Canon imageFORMULA P-208II can scan a variety of media, from A4 documents to embossed cards – perfect for mobile users. The scanner also achieves great things in your own four walls. Free up space by scanning invoices and paperwork. Or keep beautiful memories: You can use a special function to digitize old photos in a quality that does not need to fear comparison with the original. The scanner’s image processing functions include color detection, text orientation detection and text enhancement – automatically producing high-quality scans and saving you valuable time. The fully automatic mode allows you to scan conveniently and intuitively – the scanner automatically selects the best settings for your document. With the optional Wi-Fi Box WU10, you can scan anywhere wirelessly. This is useful when you want to wirelessly scan documents directly to your smartphone, tablet or PC, or when you share the Canon imageFORMULA P-208II scanner with a group of users or devices via a network server or home router. The powerful CaptureOnTouch mobile app offers flexible scanning directly from your iPhone ®, iPad ® or Android device. Save valuable time with double-sided scanning in a single pass. The free CaptureOnTouch Mobile app is available for both iOS and Android.

Canon imageFORMULA P-208II Manual (User Guide and Setup)

Canon imageFORMULA P-208II Manual

Canon imageFORMULA P-208II User Guide

You have to connect a USB cable from the scanner to the connector that is available inside the scanner package. Then follow the manual instructions on how to install the Canon imageFORMULA P-208II scanner.

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Canon imageFORMULA P-208II User Manual PDF
Filename: P-208II_UserManual.pdf
Type: PDF

Canon imageFORMULA P-208II User Guide for Windows (CHM file)
Filename: P-208II_User_Manual_EN.chm
Type: CHM

Canon imageFORMULA P-208II User Guide for macOS (DMG File)
Filename: P-208IIUserManual.dmg
Type: DMG

After downloading the manual for Canon imageFORMULA P-208II, open your manual with a pdf viewer or directly from the browser, then find out how to use your scanner properly.

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