Canon PIXMA G4670 Manual (PDF File)

With Canon PIXMA G4670 Megatank, Reduce your home printing expenses significantly with this quick and simple 4-in-1 multifunction device with WiFi and an automatic document feeder (ADF). Easy operation is made possible by the 1.3-inch LC display’s clarity, and a print head may be added with a simple wrist flick. Fast document printing can produce 11.0/6.0 ISO pages in black-and-white or colour per minute. The automated document feeder makes it simple to scan and copy many documents. This quick, inexpensive, and effective MegaTank multifunction machine lets you print, copy, scan, and fax documents at home while saving a ton of money. The operational expenses are delightfully low when compared to printers that use ink cartridges since a single pair of refillable ink bottles may produce up to 8,100 black-and-white pages. During the course of the Canon PIXMA Megatank G4670 printer’s lifespan, you may save a lot of money because of the high-capacity, refillable ink tanks. Up to 6,000-7,600 pages in black and white and 7,700-8,100 pages in colour may be printed before running out of ink. The easily replaced maintenance cartridge has a unique connection form according to the colour, and ink bottles don’t need to be pressed to empty them.

Canon PIXMA G4670 Manual and Setup Instructions

Canon PIXMA G4670 Manual

Canon PIXMA G4670 Manual for Windows and macOS

You have to connect a USB cable from the printer to the connector on the printer package. Then follow the manual instructions on how to install the Canon PIXMA G4670 printer.

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Canon PIXMA G4670 Megatank Manual (PDF)
Filename: G4070ser_OnlineManual_Win_Mac_EN_V01.pdf
Type: PDF

Canon PIXMA G4670 Online Manual
Filename: –
Type: HTML Page

After downloading the manual for Canon PIXMA G4670, open your manual with a pdf viewer or directly from the browser, then find out how to use your printer properly.

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