Canon PIXMA TR7020 Manual (User and Getting Started Guide)

Download Canon PIXMA TR7020 Manual – The design and appearance are attractive and different. It is very clear that this multifunction is intended for young users who are still in school or in college. As a multifunctional device, the Canon PIXMA TR7020 can be used to print, copy, and scan documents. The body looks typical Canon with dimensions that are fairly standard for multifunctional devices with paper or document support up to A4. Operations are carried out via a computer or directly from the device via the buttons provided. There are eight physical buttons and a 1.44-inch OLED screen. The OLED screen has a bright and sharp display, not only comfortable to see in bright conditions, but also in dim conditions. To accommodate paper, this printer provides two trays. One on the bottom (cassette) and one on the back (tray). Each capacity is up to one hundred sheets. This capacity is certainly more than sufficient for user needs. To print, this device uses two cartridges, namely black and color. The cartridge installation process is quite easy. You just lift the bottom area of ​​the flatbed and the cartridge compartment will slide to the middle, then insert the cartridge and press it until you hear a click. When operating, there are LEDs lit along the bottom side of the flatbed. This makes it more unique and cool. It turns out that this lamp also has a function as an information provider. For example, if an error occurs or the paper runs out, the color will change to orange, while if it is normal, the color will be white. The ability to print in terms of speed is fairly standard. Moreover, the characteristic of inkjet printers, when printing in large quantities, there will be a lag of several seconds due to the mechanism that is generally used. When printing documents with text and graphic displays, the color gradations look neat. The prints from the Canon PIXMA TR7020 also don’t make the paper too warped. It’s just that, in detail, the resulting black color is less dense. To duplicate a document, the operation is performed via the control panel. The available buttons and the 1.44-inch OLED screen make it easy to operate with clear information. From there you can also perform various standard settings, such as activating wireless connections, both for smartphones and for networks. Unfortunately, this connection requires a wireless router so that the connection with the smartphone cannot be direct. The scanner functions the same as when printing requires a computer. IJ Scan Utility or ScanGear application is required. You can use anyone according to your taste because each one offers a different interface. The back of the Canon PIXMA TR7020 is a solution if there is a paper jam or paper jam. Simply open this section and the paper can be easily retrieved without needing to open the inside of the device.

Canon PIXMA TR7020 Manual (User and Getting Started Guide)

Canon PIXMA TR7020 Manual

Read Canon PIXMA TR7020 Getting Started Guide

Canon PIXMA TR7020 driver file is required. You also have to connect a USB cable from the printer to the connector on the printer package. Then follow the manual instructions on how to install the Canon PIXMA TR7020 printer.

Precautions when using a USB connection

  1. Disconnect the USB cable connecting the device and computer before installing the driver. After installing the driver, connect the USB cable.
    Drivers and applications are compressed.
  2. Download the Canon PIXMA TR7020 driver that is available on the canon support or many sites on the internet. Click [Run] on the file download screen (the file is not saved to disk).
  3. When the User Account Control prompt is displayed, click [Yes], and then click [Execute] on the subsequent security warning screen.
  4. The setup wizard starts. When the setup wizard starts, follow the on-screen instructions to install.

When it is complete, you can see that the printer is ready for use and you can follow the manual, Download the Canon PIXMA TR7020 manual from the link below.

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Canon PIXMA TR7020 Getting Started Guide Manual

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After downloading the manual for Canon PIXMA TR7020, open your manual with pdf viewer or browser, then find how to use your printer properly.

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