Canon PIXMA HOME TS3165 Manual and Getting Started Guide

With the PIXMA HOME TS3165, Canon offers a multifunction printer with a network function and LCD display. If you are looking for a versatile inkjet multifunction device, this device is a good choice. it does all tasks reliably. For printing, you can insert paper in the formats A5, A4 and B5. Inside the multifunction printer, there is space for a paper supply of 60 pages – which is rather small. To save paper, you can print on both sides. The printer does this automatically using the duplex printing function, so, you don’t have to turn it over manually. The Canon even processes double-sided documents without any problems thanks to the duplex ADF or DADF for short. Its scanning unit digitizes both sides in parallel. The printing speed is 4 pages/min in black and white and 2 pages/min for colour print jobs. You create scans using either the automatic document feeder (ADF) or the scanner glass. The latter option is particularly recommended for bulky templates such as books or magazines. On the other hand, if you want to digitize a few documents as quickly as possible, the ADF is the best solution. According to the manufacturer, the scanning speed is up to 4 pages/min in colour and black and white. This Canon PIXMA HOME TS3165 can be connected to your home network or other devices via LAN, USB and WLAN. It supports the WLAN standards IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.11n – the latter in particular guarantees fast data transmission. These can be encrypted with WPA2 or WPA.

Canon PIXMA TS3165 Manual and Getting Started Guide

Canon PIXMA TS3165 Manual

Canon PIXMA TS3165 Manual and Getting Started Guide

You have to connect a USB cable from the printer to the connector on the printer package. Then follow the manual instructions on how to install the Canon PIXMA TS3165 printer.

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Canon PIXMA HOME TS3165 Manual for Windows
Filename: TS3100ser_OnlineManual_Win_EN_V01.pdf
Type: PDF

Canon PIXMA HOME TS3165 Manual for macOS
Filename: TS3100ser_OnlineManual_Mac_EN_V01.pdf
Type: PDF

Canon PIXMA TS3165 Getting Started Guide
Filename: TS3100_GS_U2b-1_V2.pd
Type: PDF

After downloading the manual for Canon PIXMA TS3165, open your manual with a pdf viewer or directly from the browser, then find out how to use your printer properly.

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