How to solve Error 005 on Canon Service tool

Canon Service Tool is an application that is usually used to reset Canon printers. This reset process is usually needed after replacing printer spare parts, cartridge problems or Ink Absorber problems and other problems. Canon Service Tool is a portable application that does not require an installation process to run it. However, when using it, error problems often occur, one of which is the error code 005 problem. To find out how to solve this error, please read this article carefully.

Cause of Error 005 service tool

There are several reasons why error code 005 service tool appears, one of the causes is that your printer cannot be read by the service tools application, this may also be caused by printer driver problems, USB cable problems, command delay problems from the service tools application and several other causes.

Error 005 on Canon Service tool

Error 005 Service tool

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How to fix Error Code 005 on the Canon Service tool

To resolve Error 005, what you can do include:

1. Restart Your Computer & Printer

This first solution to fix error code 005 is quite easy and simple, namely by restarting all your devices, for the initial step Restart your computer first and then continue by restarting the printer.

To restart the printer, make sure to turn the printer off for at least 30 seconds before turning it back on, usually, this process is called a “soft printer reset”.

2. Disconnect the Printer’s USB Port from the Computer

Unplug the printer’s USB cable, then try reconnecting it to a different USB port. If you have another printer USB cable, try using a spare USB cable. It is possible that the cause of error 005 could also be caused by the printer’s USB cable.

3. Wait for the LED light on the printer to stop flashing

Do not reset with the Service Tool if the LED light on the printer is still flashing. When the LED is still flashing and you run the service tools application, it will cause error code 005 to appear.

As a solution, don’t open and use the Service Tools application when the LED light on the printer stops flashing, wait until the Power LED stops flashing, then run the Service Tool application.

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