Canon XU-81W Manual PDF (Instruction and Operation Manual)

Download Canon XU-81W Manual – The Canon XU-81W from Canon is a remote-controllable pan-tilt-zoom camera, which is also suitable for rough outdoor use due to its water-resistant and dust-proof housing. The camera system offers full HD resolution and outputs video signals via HD-SDI, among other things. Canon uses a 1/3-inch CMOS sensor developed in-house for the camera as an image converter with a total of 2.1 million pixels. The lens integrated into the camera offers a 20x zoom, the maximum aperture is possible in full wide-angle position and is then at a relatively bright F1.6. When zooming in, the aperture decreases down to F3.5. The image section can be focused using autofocus or manually. In order to be able to use the camera as flexibly as possible even in bright recording situations, this camera also has an ND filter (1/32) that can be swiveled into the beam path by means of a servo motor. Another special feature of the Canon XU-81W is a small windshield wiper, which is located in front of the protective glass of the lens: water splashes and dirt can be reduced remotely using the windshield wiper. The Camera has a robust injection-molded metal housing that meets protection class IP55. The housing thus reliably protects the camera technology from splash water and dust, which means that the system can also be used without additional protection in rain and wind. This camera can be installed standing or hanging from a ceiling. With a flip function, the picture can be turned around to prevent an upside-down motif. The camera can be swiveled within a range of +/- 180 degrees. Tilt angles from +220 degrees to -40 degrees are possible. In High-Speed ​​Mode, you can pan and tilt at a speed of up to 60 degrees per second. The Canon XU-81W camera system delivers images in 1080i50 or 720p50. In addition to a BNC connection for outputting HD signals via HD-SDI, another BNC socket is available for outputting a composite signal with SD resolution.

Canon XU-81W Manual PDF (Instruction and Operation Manual).

Canon XU-81W Manual

Canon XU-81W Instruction Manual and Operation Manual (Download/PDF)

Canon XU-81W is a remote-controlled camera, You have to connect the camera to the required accessories. Then follow the manual instructions and Operations guide to help you on how to install the Canon XU-81W camera.

Instruction Manual
Filename: B-IM-40116-3_web.pdf
Type: PDF file

Canon XU-81W User manual
Filename: B-IM-40115-3_web.pdf
Type: PDF file

After downloading the manual for Canon XU-81W, open your manual with pdf viewer or browser, then find how to use your camera properly.

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